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Red SKILLcard


Red SKILLcard

The Red SKILLcard is for trainee workers who have registered to take an NVQ.

Green SKILLcard


Green SKILLcard

The Green SKILLcard is designed for anyone who performs basic HVACR work. The card is valid for 5 years.

Blue SKILLcard

Skilled Worker

Blue SKILLcard

The Blue SKILLcard is designed for skilled workers with some kind of qualification.

Gold SKILLcard


Gold SKILLcard

The Gold SKILLcard is for workers in a supervisory or management role.

Black SKILLcard


Black SKILLcard

The Black SKILLcard is for highly competent managers with a high level of experience and qualifications.

SKILLcard Categories

Black SKILLcard Each card bears the holder's name and photograph as well as an indication of their qualifications and role.

A wide range of categories is available to cover the different types of people who use the cards.

The categories of SKILLcards are colour coded and range from trainees who are just entering the industry with no qualifications, through operatives and experienced workers to supervisors and management grades.

SKILLcard Health and Safety Knowledge

CSCS Test One of the most important features of the SKILLcard is the CSCS logo, which indicates affiliation to the CSCS.

This proves that the holder has a basic knowledge of health and safety.

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To make an application for a SKILLcard please fill out the form which can be found at the top of this page.

Get SKILLcardCall one of our team of experts free on 0800 012 4125 or 0203 051 1004 and they will be more than happy to help you.

Renewing a SKILLcard

SKILLards are renewed periodically, with Health, Safety & Environment Tests retaken to ensure knowledge is kept current. To renew your SKILLcard simply fill out the form at the top of the page or contact a member of our team by phone.

This enables employers to check that those working on their sites have the required qualifications as well as the health and safety knowledge to work at the required level safely.

Other SKILLcards

Blue SKILLcard (Experienced Worker)

The Blue SKILLcard is designed for HVACR workers without formal qualifications.

Gold SKILLcard (Advanced Craft)

The Gold SKILLcard is designed for experienced HVACR operatives. The card is valid for 5 years and can be renewed.

White SKILLcard (Construction Related Occupation)

The CRO SKILLcard is designed for HVACR workers who do not hold an NVQ or SVQ.

White SKILLcard (Professionally Qualified Person)

The White SKILLcard is designed for building services engineers who meet the standards of CIBSE.

Yellow SKILLcard (Site Visitor)

The Yellow SKILLcard is for individuals who work on the worksite but do not fall under any other card category.

The SKILLcard and the CSCS Test

In order to qualify for the SKILLcard, the applicant will normally have to successfully complete the CSCS heath and safety test within the two years before applying, with the test varying depending on the applicant's occupation and the type of SKILLcard being applied for.

Exemptions are available if the applicant has obtained an equivalent qualification in the two years prior to their application.

These include obtaining a relevant NVQ or SVQ, holding a CCNSG Safety Passport or having completed a CITB Supervisory Site Safety Training Scheme course.

Apply for a CSCS Test & SKILLcard Online

To apply by phone or for more information call us free on 0800 012 4125 or 0203 051 1004 if you are on a mobile, Mon-Fri between 8am to 6pm or you can request a call back.

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